NEMESIS IS AMAZING | Resident Evil 3 - Part 1

Resident Evil 3 remake is finally here and Nemesis is even more amazing than I could have hoped for!
Resident Evil 2 Remake:

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Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here


  • jacksepticeye
    jacksepticeyePirms Gada

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  • TitanStormbreaker


    Pirms Mēneša

    Jack have you seen the Resident Evil movies?

  • Dutch Kinney

    Dutch Kinney

    Pirms 2 Mēnešiem

    just saying the tall glass of water thing was from Annie the movie

  • Don Rothfuss

    Don Rothfuss

    Pirms 2 Mēnešiem

    Was that a jojo reference in the beginning lol

  • Ozzy Eales

    Ozzy Eales

    Pirms 5 Mēnešiem




    Pirms 5 Mēnešiem

    predicted the futer yes i said futer

  • The Commentator
    The CommentatorPirms 14 Stundām

    “Reach for the STAAARS”

  • PsyonicDragon
    PsyonicDragonPirms 5 dienām

    Wait EVELINE You’ll Understand If You’ve Played RE7😂

  • Christina Russell
    Christina RussellPirms 5 dienām

    I love how now when rewatching this there’s an Knorr pasta ad with a kid who says he’s doesn’t like veggies...🤣🤣🤣

  • Mr Suter
    Mr SuterPirms 6 dienām

    Hi Jack! I fixed that sentence you said was all over the place for them. “We here at the News Comet have a gnawing feeling that the so-called ‘cannibal disease’ patients Spencer Memorial has been providing free treatment for since August, might not be settling for just cafeteria food.”

  • Joseph Hope
    Joseph HopePirms 6 dienām

    i want a resident evil game were you can play as the monster

  • gabe lamb
    gabe lambPirms 6 dienām

    Gets kicked by like 400 pounds of strength and jack just go’s Ah my beautiful bones

  • Brusk
    BruskPirms 9 dienām

    Whats weird is that when he was using the country accent he was better at quick drawing them

  • the masked 0ne
    the masked 0nePirms 11 dienām

    I wish there was a red barrel down ere! the red barrel:Im the new blendette!

  • Troy P
    Troy PPirms 12 dienām

    Was that a subtle jab at Fallout 4 when you mentioned the lockpick?!

  • Kazify
    KazifyPirms 12 dienām

    Watching this a year later and it’s still insane

  • NeonzPlayz
    NeonzPlayzPirms 13 dienām

    1:00:00 I don’t know why I do this

  • David Huback
    David HubackPirms 13 dienām

    Jill Valentine is in Dead by Daylight

  • Angry noodle
    Angry noodlePirms 14 dienām

    Ah yes in the beginning it talks about A pandemic and riots Man this reminds me of something

  • vong duong
    vong duongPirms 15 dienām

    48:03 jake: look at that perfect ass there can be only one leon:*sweating*

  • Bryce
    BrycePirms 16 dienām

    4:54 POV you get home from the grocery store after you went to get toilet paper in 2020

  • Ethan McEntyre
    Ethan McEntyrePirms 16 dienām

    "Fuckin rectum"

  • Bruce downy
    Bruce downy Pirms 18 dienām

    Not to lie Jill still looks pretty as a zombie lmao

  • HaileeBug
    HaileeBugPirms 18 dienām

    the bad guy russian is also heisenberg

  • LevoNKe
    LevoNKePirms 18 dienām


  • Sad Potato
    Sad PotatoPirms 19 dienām

    I know a video game when i see it Jack five seconds earlier: I don’t know what is going on

  • SkaterninjaBJ Vlog/gamer
    SkaterninjaBJ Vlog/gamerPirms 20 dienām

    I love how the smoke comes out of the gun and the lighting and shadows are freaking amazing ❤ I swear Seán picks the most amazing and beautiful games and he always makes us laugh with his jokes

  • Danielle Jeffries
    Danielle JeffriesPirms 20 dienām

    Jill is about to die. And jack is only worried about her ass. He is a smart man.

  • Caileigh Long
    Caileigh LongPirms 20 dienām

    nemesis is just there to talk to you about your cars extended warranty.

  • Lauren T
    Lauren TPirms 21 dienas

    One way to get infected by the virus: make contact with crows. Me: Mother Miranda?

  • Homegrowntree 1
    Homegrowntree 1Pirms 22 dienām

    haha jack and jill

  • Summer_
    Summer_Pirms 23 dienām

    Jill Valentine the v stands for very sexy 😂

  • weiseman88
    weiseman88Pirms 23 dienām

    Do I like Conor mcgregor just curious

  • Katt626 :3
    Katt626 :3Pirms 24 dienām

    Ngl- I actually really liked how the zombie-fied Jill looked in her nightmare thing, it was so cool!!

  • TheBlues32
    TheBlues32Pirms 24 dienām

    Ah, you ask a fine question, Sean. Where did they come from? Well, you see...those are fleas. They bit infected people and animals. The T-Virus is like a magic glue that binds DNA together. The fleas injested the blood, which caused MASSIVE mutations. As you can see from their models, the once boneless parasites have developed bones and muscles not seen in their species. So, all in all, these beasts are nothing more than an accidental byproduct of the T-Virus rather than a bioweapon.

  • Gamerboy 555
    Gamerboy 555Pirms 24 dienām

    JIM'S GOT CRABS -Jack 2020

  • Stal Zemsty
    Stal ZemstyPirms 24 dienām

    I'm enjoying 3 more so than 2.

  • XdarkWolfX
    XdarkWolfXPirms 25 dienām

    Me : maybe we can stab the crap out of the zombies Jack : *stabbing the ever loving s**t out of zombies

  • The Mutant Rat
    The Mutant RatPirms 25 dienām

    1:05:08 *E*

  • filthy kevin
    filthy kevinPirms 25 dienām

    Wasn't it the g virus that got out tho not t

  • ian Thomas
    ian ThomasPirms 25 dienām

    Put out the fire

  • HeyAssBut
    HeyAssButPirms 26 dienām

    I genuinely believe the reason that so much was cut from this remake was because capcom wanted to release the game as soon as possible, because the subject matter so closely resembled what was happening in the real world. In short, covid is the reason that this game is such a disappointment and such a disgrace to the capcom name. Greed and pestilence ruined this game, sad times.

  • Captain Canada
    Captain CanadaPirms 26 dienām

    The T virus stands for T Series or Terminator virus

  • Remiddi
    RemiddiPirms 27 dienām

    Jack: can I be Nemesis instead? Dead By Daylight: funny that you asked

    THE ICONICPirms 27 dienām

    The bug things are bugs with the virus

  • Haro Yemon
    Haro YemonPirms 29 dienām

    thats what you get for immediately combining your green herbs

  • TurtIe
    TurtIePirms 29 dienām

    Just binged watched his resident evil 2 series of Leon and Claire so the zombies kinda lost their terror and stuff

  • Kaidyn Confer
    Kaidyn ConferPirms Mēneša

    Nemesis Is amazing

  • zefsfez
    zefsfezPirms Mēneša

    hey that dog on jill's desk, its the same from resi 2 remake

  • Yao Hey
    Yao HeyPirms Mēneša

    “DON’T TOUCH IT POKE IT” which do you want

  • Gamerboy 555
    Gamerboy 555Pirms Mēneša

    Annete jack that is the first name of Mrs.Birkin

  • YukiHowaito
    YukiHowaitoPirms Mēneša

    You mess with Jill, you pay the Bill 😂

    BOP X GREEDYPirms Mēneša

    who's here in 2021 after nemesis came out in dbd

  • HeyAssBut


    Pirms 26 dienām

    What's dbd

  • TitanStormbreaker
    TitanStormbreakerPirms Mēneša

    Jack: you are a zombie killing queen- Ad: League of Legends! Me: Fuck off League of Legends, you are a shit game!

  • Ivan Cubacub
    Ivan CubacubPirms Mēneša

    45:20 Hey! It's Heisenberg but he's a U.B.C.S dude.

  • Emma Rysdam
    Emma RysdamPirms Mēneša

    Bro this video has me freaked out of COVID now..

  • WPX 1mju5tAPupp3t
    WPX 1mju5tAPupp3tPirms Mēneša

    “I’ll make sure you go out with dignity” ((10 minutes later)) **shanking his ass**

  • Ellie is Done
    Ellie is DonePirms Mēneša

    7:06 okay the infection part does not make any sense. Claire and Leon have been bitten multiple times but how come they haven’t turned? Is it because of the weed they smoked or the health spray? If that shit stops infection, why couldn’t they have used it on Marvin or Emma? Bruh….

  • HeyAssBut


    Pirms 26 dienām

    They have a heightened immune system that can fight it off, read the re character info. It's a pretty cool read.

  • Fizzy Fozzy
    Fizzy FozzyPirms Mēneša

    14:45 the moment jack came up with top of the morning coffee

  • Hekkie
    HekkiePirms Mēneša

    Am I the only one who appreciates the shit out of 49:21?

  • Clam Exam
    Clam ExamPirms Mēneša

    Raccoon milk= raccoon cu...

  • Exia mk II
    Exia mk IIPirms Mēneša

    5:31, roll credits. 😋

  • Kaleb Marcus
    Kaleb MarcusPirms Mēneša

    5:30 that "RESIDENT EVIL" tho

  • Skylynn Ippolito
    Skylynn IppolitoPirms Mēneša

    Jack some up today and choose violence! Lol

  • Gundhamster Tanaka
    Gundhamster TanakaPirms Mēneša

    Haha Nemesis goes brrrr

  • Adam Abina
    Adam AbinaPirms Mēneša

    nemesis is scary

  • trdfgh fgdr
    trdfgh fgdrPirms Mēneša

    The paltry bed ecologically remember because peace realistically live towards a six fender. solid, irritating missile

  • Kem Cooper
    Kem CooperPirms Mēneša

    The lighting in this game makes me 😩

  • Andrew DGamer
    Andrew DGamerPirms Mēneša

    theory: Nemesis is just Mr. X from resi 2 but after the events of resi 2.

  • stacy henderson
    stacy hendersonPirms Mēneša

    carlos and chris fae village has the same voice actor lol weird

  • Marcus Osnaya
    Marcus OsnayaPirms Mēneša

    29:13 and then I’m going to smash a box 📦

  • Precarious Deify
    Precarious DeifyPirms Mēneša

    The cheap list spontaneously mate because literature contextually type pace a friendly mexican. joyous, woozy cupcake

  • Sheer Force
    Sheer ForcePirms Mēneša

    22:02 Well now you can if you play "Dead By Daylight".

  • Walking Napkin
    Walking NapkinPirms Mēneša

    I cant get over it now that I played resident evil village and hearing carlos talk

  • Camenball
    CamenballPirms Mēneša

    It just hit me... jack playing as jill... jack and jill went up the hill hahahahah

  • Justin Escudero
    Justin EscuderoPirms Mēneša

    Jack: Even if the t virus got out like that how would the place go to shit like that me: watching in 2021 you would be surprised

  • Wyatt Palubeski
    Wyatt PalubeskiPirms Mēneša

    After playing village I can only hear Chris when Carlos is talking

  • iBenjamin
    iBenjaminPirms Mēneša

    We made it :)

  • GamingPanda27
    GamingPanda27Pirms Mēneša

    watching this after finishing RE8, gotta have more RE content!!

  • Shinso kun
    Shinso kunPirms Mēneša

    Speed is key is so old school now

  • Chris Gusky
    Chris GuskyPirms Mēneša

    Sit down bitches be humble wasting all my time and ammo who the fuck do you think you are that you can just do that and get away with it nuh uh not in my house!

  • L3G1T FAD3
    L3G1T FAD3Pirms Mēneša

    You can play as nemesis in dead by daylights 5th year anniversary DLC

  • Nicholas Barth
    Nicholas BarthPirms Mēneša

    Carona Virous vibes anyone else??

  • Samuel Gutierrez
    Samuel GutierrezPirms Mēneša

    I jack 21 in 2021

  • 10kSubsWithNoVideos
    10kSubsWithNoVideosPirms Mēneša


  • The finder Of glitches
    The finder Of glitchesPirms Mēneša

    14:31 lmao I love that line

  • Alec Travis-Daugherty
    Alec Travis-DaughertyPirms Mēneša

    1:10 "did this is like full...."2020.... Watching this post 2020 this is a little scary

  • Gorjessy
    GorjessyPirms Mēneša

    i knew it chris voice in resi 8 was familiar, it was carlos all along

  • Luca Kellu

    Luca Kellu

    Pirms Mēneša

    And heisenberg is nicholai

  • Evening Swan
    Evening SwanPirms Mēneša

    I think the friend who wrote the letter is chris

  • Ryen Duvall
    Ryen DuvallPirms Mēneša

    *jim watching this rn*:🥺” it was from my ex wife ok”😔

  • Nightshade
    NightshadePirms Mēneša

    The look Carlos gave Jill about the radio. I love it

  • Pawan A S
    Pawan A SPirms Mēneša

    Jill : let me get my- Nemesis: Hallo ma lady!!

  • Mumps
    MumpsPirms Mēneša

    the cgi mixed with real life reminds me of how lego games have real looking buildings

  • Eliza P
    Eliza PPirms Mēneša

    I hate like, the aggressive, rapey undertones of the forcible fucking blowjob the spider bugs do to you when Jill is turning the circuit breakers on. Ew. Literally the grossest thing. More than the fucking zombies.

  • Patrick Cossack

    Patrick Cossack

    Pirms 26 dienām

    Lmao you know the Facehuggers in original Alien did the same thing, right? It's supposed to be disturbing, don't like it? Don't watch it. Who are you? Some kind of triggered feminazi or something?

  • Mary Wylie
    Mary WyliePirms 2 Mēnešiem

    They just do the promo code afk 888 because people aren’t getting the game

  • Rico Santos
    Rico SantosPirms 2 Mēnešiem

    *"What's wrong with Umbrella?"* Oh Carlos its gonna be a long night

  • Gayme. Boy
    Gayme. BoyPirms 2 Mēnešiem

    Carlos reminds me of Bellamy from The 100

  • OP papyrus / Host
    OP papyrus / HostPirms 2 Mēnešiem

    "I wish there was red barrel around" Red barrel that was right next to the zombies in the alleyway: am I a joke to you?

  • Gage
    GagePirms 2 Mēnešiem

    CDC is uncannily Umbrella, and no one bats an eye. Wtf.

  • これらナッツ


    Pirms Mēneša

    @Gage ok

  • Gage


    Pirms Mēneša

    @これらナッツ, compelling argument, lol.

  • これらナッツ


    Pirms Mēneša

    Stfu bitch

  • redscell369
    redscell369Pirms 2 Mēnešiem

    next is re4 remake (well i hope so)

    ANONYMOUSPirms 2 Mēnešiem

    That intro was by the best Resident Evil intro I've seen so far. And also : The image that Jack looked at during the start is a picture of Annette from Re 2

  • Nugget
    NuggetPirms 2 Mēnešiem

    46:22 Jack: Really wish there was a red barrel here Red barrel right next to him: Am I a joke to you?

  • Scarlett
    ScarlettPirms 2 Mēnešiem

    Jill sexy. Thats it. Thats the comment.

  • Madison V
    Madison VPirms 2 Mēnešiem

    I loved Sean going "I wish there was a red barrel to use against these guys" right next to the red barrel LMAO

  • Darnell Aguiar
    Darnell AguiarPirms 2 Mēnešiem

    Who else is rewatching this since me nemesis got revealed for dbd?